The Spiritual Inheritance of Mary I

How Isabel of Castile and Katherine of Aragon shaped England’s First Crowned Queen Regnant

This session will focus on the Catholicism of Mary I as it was mediated to her through her mother, Katherine of Aragon, and grandmother, Isabel of Castile, through its connection to Spanishness (which explains why she was so keen to marry Philip at Winchester), and how it has shaped her reputation to date.


Her focus on burning heretics meant reviving an ancient law, but it came directly from the same sort of rhetoric that inspired Isabel of Castile to pursue heretics, and was transmitted to her through the education her mother gave her. It matters today because the choices she made and religious position she came to hold had far reaching consequences for the direction of British history.


Chair: Sarah Meyrick


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1.30pm Sunday 26 February 2023


Suzannah Lipscomb

Professor Suzannah Lipscomb is an award-winning historian, author, and broadcaster. She is Professor Emerita at the University of Roehampton, Senior Member of Common Room at St Cross College, Oxford, a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and the Society of Antiquaries, and a columnist for History Today. She has written and edited seven books, presented numerous history documentary series on the BBC, ITV, Channel Five, etc. and is the host of Not Just the Tudors podcast from History Hit. She received a double First, MSt, and DPhil in History from Lincoln and Balliol Colleges, Oxford.

Her books include The Voices of Nimes and A Visitor's Companion to Tudor England.


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